Giving Tuesday

PDJT Snoopy Tote and Sticker

PDJT Exclusive!

We partnered with Peanuts Worldwide to offer a special way to celebrate your dedication to keeping the community informed. For a limited time, get a free Snoopy “Support Local Journalism” sticker, tote, or lapel pin with qualifying donation. Please include your preferred shipping address in the notes section or email us at

  • Stickers:  $10 donation or more
  • Tote bag & Sticker:  $250 donation or more
  • Pin, Tote bag & Sticker:  $500 donation or more

*Stickers, totes and pins are available while supplies last.


Did you know that more than 2,500 newspapers in the U.S. have shut down since 2005? That’s nearly 3 per week! Unfortunately, this means that vital information is becoming scarce, and corruption goes unchecked in many communities across the country. But here’s the good news: with your support, we can change that narrative. Your contribution will help local journalism thrive, advocate for your rights, amplify your voices, and nurture our community.

Together, we can improve access to journalism education and fund news coverage that truly represents and honors the North Bay. Don’t let knowledge and understanding fade away. Join our efforts to support local journalism and make a difference in your community today, for a brighter tomorrow.

Consider donating to the Press Democrat Journalism Trust today.

*Stickers, totes and pins are available with qualifying donations according to our scale while supplies last. Donors must include a preferred shipping address if it differs from their billing address.